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The all-time classic of motivational literature, in the exquisite 1901 Roycrofters Edition...
In the war between Spain and the U.S., it became necessary to get a message to an insurgent leader, Garcia. One man, Andrew Rowan, was ordered to find Garcia.  Rowan took the command without following up with endless questions or without requiring constant supervision.  Overcoming whatever obstacles came his way, he completed his assignment on his own initiative.

Hubbard's reflections on this piece of history have inspired generations and been used for years to instruct the U.S. Military on self-reliance.

Now, this powerful work - along with other pivotal reflections by Elbert Hubbard - is offered in an exclusive leather-bound edition. The book features the extraordinary designs of the beautiful 1901 Roycrofters edition.  Each page is printed on acid-neutral paper and the pages are Smyth-sewn into the binding.  The book features accents of 22kt gold and comes in luxurious cloth-bound slipcase. It is truly a gem of modern publishing.

Printed and bound in the USA.

5 3/4" x 8 3/4", 184pp
4 Monthly Installments of $49
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The landmark celebration of American initiative, in the exquisite 1901 Roycrofters Edition...

Artist, entrepreneur, inspirational author, marketing innovator, libertarian philosopher, and founder of Roycroft, one of the great late 19th century Arts & Crafts communities, Elbert Green Hubbard was a true American original.

Not only were Hubbard's essays read by millions but the “Roycrofters” handcrafted fine press editions of his books are highly admired for their exceptional beauty, workmanship, and imaginative daring design.

And no book better represents Hubbard's unique voice and legacy than the wonderful 1901 Roycrofters edition of A Message to Garcia and Thirteen Other Things.

Now, Easton Press presents a stunning re-creation of this classic fine press book: Elbert Hubbard's A MESSAGE TO GARCIA AND THIRTEEN OTHER THINGS, an exclusive Collector Edition bound in suede leather just like the 1901 Roycrofters original.

An American 'Arts & Crafts' fine press masterpiece.

A Message to Garcia and Thirteen Other Things includes Hubbard's most famous work, A Message to Garcia, a meditation on the story of Army Captain Andrew Rowan, who on the eve of the Spanish-American War was given the mission of contacting Calixto García, a leader of Cuban rebels eager to ally with the Americans.

Hubbard's celebration of Rowan as an exemplar of American “can do” initiative and competence inspired two movies and made the phrase "take a message to Garcia" popular business and military slang for taking charge and getting the job done.

Inspired by William Morris, the great English designer and founder of the Kelmscott Press, Hubbard established Roycroft, a community devoted to fine hand-made arts and crafts – and especially to traditional gorgeous traditionally crafted limited edition books.

The Collector Edition Elbert Hubbard's A MESSAGE TO GARCIA AND THIRTEEN OTHER THINGS recreates the1901 original complete with the Roycrofters' Bookman type, red margin titles, and ornate Celtic-style decorations done in black & white with tints of pale yellow, green, and azure.

An exquisite 1901 fine press book – now a magnificent Collector Edition.

Easton Press Collector Edition Elbert Hubbard's A MESSAGE TO GARCIA AND THIRTEEN OTHER THINGS is made using the same traditional techniques and metirculous craftsmanship that distinguish the renowned Roycrofters books.

The binding is sumptuous suede leather – an innovation of the 1901 Roycrofters original – and features 22kt gold titles and inlays and a spine braced by the traditional raised “hubs.”

Elbart Hubbard's writings and the Roycrofters design and decorations are preserved on specially milled, archival quality and acid-neutral paper that will not yellow or dull with age. And the pages are not merely glued into the binding but Smyth-sewn with sturdy thread.

Handsome faux marbled endpapers, gilded page-ends, and heavy duty binding boards further enhance the volume's beauty and strength. And each Collector Edition comes with a custom-crafted slipcase in which to store and display this beautiful vintage re-creation.

The Collector Edition Elbert Hubbard's A MESSAGE TO GARCIA AND THIRTEEN OTHER THINGS is a volume that will inspire and delight any lover of vintage deluxe books and classic American inspirational writing.

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