Care for Easton Press Leather-Bound Books

Easton Press leather-bound books are constructed to withstand many years of use and still retain their beauty.  There is no need to care for them in any way other than you would for other books.

Some tips that should help maintain the beauty of your leather-bound library are:

  1. Easton Press recommends that books should be removed from their protective plastic shipping wrap as soon as you receive them and before you display them on your shelves.
  2. Your books should always be housed in a climate-controlled room, free of humidity and freezing conditions. The obvious precautions are:

    books or book shelves should not be above or near radiators, or in a position where the book is exposed to direct sunlight during any part of the day. Nor should books be kept where there is seepage or dampness, as in a basement or cellar. Lastly, keep books away from water and other liquids. Water is the single most destructive element to books, leather or otherwise.

  3. Books should not require cleaning other than an occasional light dusting. Easton Press does not recommend using any cleaning agents when dusting.
  4. Display your books either horizontally (flat on its side) or vertically (straight up and down). Leaning books on angles can cause them to lose their shape.
  5. When displayed vertically, large books with high page counts have the potential to lose their shape due to the constant pull of the paper’s weight. We recommend that a large book is best displayed horizontally (flat on its side, rather than in an upright position).
  6. When moving your library, for best protection, books should be wrapped in paper and packed in a cardboard box.

For any specific questions you may have related to the care of books in your library, please contact our Customer Service Department.