An extraordinary document from the American Revolution…
Major John André was a British officer during the Revolutionary War who induced Benedict Arnold to become a traitor, and was eventually hanged as a spy. This reproduction of André’s journal provides a day to day record of the movements and engagements of the British Army from June 1777 to November 1778. Features 38 reproductions of original maps and plans.

Limited to just 600 copies!

7 ½” x 10 ¼”, 352pp
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An Authentic Record of the Movements and Engagements of the British Army in America from June 1777 to November 1778 ….

In 1903, the Bibliophile Society of Boston, a fine press dedicated to exquisite very limited editions for its members, published a newly discovered journal by one of the most famous British Army officers of America's Revolutionary War, John André.

Containing tactical notes on critical battles along with André's own extraordinary ink-and-color campaign maps, André’s Journal: An authentic record of the movements and engagements of the British Army in America from June 1777 to November 1778 as recorded from day to day by Major John André was acclaimed as both an important historical document and a book of exceptional beauty.

Now, Easton Press presents a vintage recreation of this landmark book: ANDRÉ’S JOURNAL, a leather-bound Collector Edition limited to 600 hand-numbered copies.

A British officer's day-to-day account of fighting the American 'rebellion.'

A young officer of exceptional abilities and charm much admired by both sides in the conflict, John André took command of British espionage operations in 1778 and was subsequently caught and hanged as a spy while plotting Benedict Arnold's surrender of West Point – something which in no way lessened the admiration figures such as George Washington had for the “gallant” André.

But in 1777 André was aide to British General Charles Grey, and in his journal André concisely records British operations and tactics during the Philadelphia campaign – including the British victory at the Battle of Brandywine, occupation of Philadelphia, and subsequent retreat to New York -- as well as during General Grey's later raids on coastal Massachusetts.

The journal offered unique insights into the battles and British attitudes, but what most astonished reviewers and collectors was André's maps. Hand drawn by André himself and brilliantly reproduced in the 1903 edition, they are regarded as the finest series of American Revolution military maps known outside of the U.S. military's collections.

The limited Collector Edition ANDRÉ’S JOURNAL recreates the 1903 Bibliophile Edition text, document facsimiles, and, of course, maps – all 38, some in a double-page format and some, just as in the 1903 original, as even larger fold-outs.

Features include:
- Fully bound in genuine leather.
- 22kt gold accents deeply inlaid on the "hubbed" spine.
- Over 38 reproduction of original maps and plans.
- Custom-crafted clothbound slipcase
- Heavy duty binding boards enhance the book’s durability.
- Superbly printed on acid-neutral paper that lasts for generations.
- Sewn pages – not just glued like ordinary books.
- Handsome marbled endpages and a satin-ribbon page marker.
- Gilded page ends.
- Printed and bound in the USA.
- Rigorous inspection at every stage ensures adherence to our exacting standards.
- Superb craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

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