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The great text of Jewish wisdom, in the beautifully illustrated Limited Editions Club edition.

"By three things is the world sustained: by justice, by truth, and by peace…"

The great work of Jewish wisdom and learning is offered in the stunning Limited Editions Club edition featuring unique drawings by Ben Zion that bring the teachings of this work to life in stunning fashion.

A hand-numbered Deluxe Limited Edition of just 600.  Oversized Edition (9 1/4" x 12 1/4", 200pp).
4 Monthly Installments of $89
Currently in stock and ready to order!
The great text of Jewish wisdom, in the beautifully illustrated Limited Editions Club edition.

Fifty-seven years ago the legendary publisher of fine illustrated books, Limited Editions Club, produced one of its finest creations, The Living Talmud: The Wisdom of the Fathers and Its Classical Commentaries, an exquisite limited edition of Rabbi Judah Goldin's landmark translation of one of the essential texts of Judaism.

Now, Easton Press is proud to present a superlative recreation of that rare and beloved volume: THE LIVING TALMUD, a Deluxe Limited Edition strictly limited to exactly 600 hand-numbered copies.

Because so few of these extraordinary volumes are available, we are offering only a select number of our most discriminating customers the exclusive opportunity to own one of these stunning books.


One of the great scholars and translators of the 20th century, Rabbi Goldin presents in The Living Talmud a dazzling translation of the most unusual, studied, and beloved of the Talmud's sixty-three treatises: the Pirke Abot or “Wisdom of the Fathers.” A collection of maxims and aphorisms, the Abot expresses in distilled form the Rabbinic Fathers' fundamental ethical wisdom and moral vision of Jewish life.

The Abot addresses such universal questions as how does one relate to God? To other people? How can one be a good person? Rabbi Goldin included with his acclaimed translation of the Abot a number of commentaries by great Jewish sages through the ages, fascinating writings which illuminate the Jewish community's ongoing dialogue with the Abot.

To illustrate The Living Talmud, the Limited Editions Club turned to Ben-Zion. A celebrated expressionist whose works are featured in many major collections, including those of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and Art Institute of Chicago, Ben-Zion devoted his career to exploring Jewish history, traditions, and spirituality.


With its long experience and mastery of the traditional fine bookmaking techniques that have produced history's most beautiful and valuable volumes, Easton Press is uniquely qualified to re-create the 1960 illustrated The Living Talmud.

What makes the vintage recreation Deluxe Limited Edition THE LIVING TALMUD stand out from other books?

A gorgeous volume bound in premium leather with 22kt gold inlays and a traditional “hubbed” spine.

The complete original 1960 text, including Rabbi Goldin's landmark essay on how to read the Talmud and his brilliant translations of the Pirke Abot and its commentators.

All 12 of the full-page sepia drawings by Ben-Zion commissioned for the 1960 edition, along with the original limited edition's graphic layout and design by Joseph Blumenthal which features the classic commentaries in both English and Hebrew with the English printed in black and the Hebrew in red ink.

Parchment-paper endpapers, luxurious acid-neutral archival-quality paper that will not yellow or fade, gilded page-ends … and much, much more!

And all in a very special limited edition of only 600 volumes. Each of the 600 Deluxe Limited Edition volumes will be numbered.

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