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The classic edition of 1922, complete with 32 full-color illustrations…

The great ancient myths and legends of the Chinese people come alive in this stunning illustrated volume from 1922. Here are fascinating tales of the Kitchen-God, Dragon-Gods, and much more. Features all the full-color vintage illustrations from the magnificent original work.

This stunning book is bound in genuine leather and accented with 22kt gold.

The pages are gilded with a gleaming gold finish.

The book is printed on acid-neutral paper for long life and Smyth-sewn in the binding.

A satin ribbon page marker adds elegance to your books. 

The full-color illustrations are printed on a coated paper designed to display all the rich details to their best advantage. 

Printed and bound in the USA

6 3/4" x 9 3/4", 488pp

4 Monthly Installments of $79.95
Currently in stock and ready to order!
The classic edition of 1922, complete with 32 full-color illustrations…

It is among the oldest, most sophisticated, and most enduring of civilizations and cultures, perhaps the longest lasting in existence, one that has for thousands of years defined and united a vast country.

And yet until very recent times China was a mystery to the West, an almost legendary land of stunning but often enigmatic artifacts and customs.

But in 1922 a volume appeared that for the first time illuminated the mythology, folklore, ideas, and beliefs of the world's oldest surviving culture.

Now, Easton Press presents E.T.C. Werner's groundbreaking introduction to Chinese mythology: MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF CHINA -- an exclusive leather-bound Collector Edition vintage recreation of the original 1922 illustrated book.

The ancient legends of the Middle Kingdom.

A longtime resident of the country, E.T.C. Werner began his research at a time when almost no Western scholar had studied Chinese mythology. Working with the Chinese government's Historiographical Bureau, Werner was able to study the most ancient and crucial Chinese texts, including epic poems, classic Taoist works, and Buddhist sutras, some of which still remain untranslated into English.

For his landmark 1922 Myths And Legends Of China, Werner selected the most commonly told, frequently remembered, and most influential Chinese myths and provided the first overview of the doctrines, gods, symbols, and customs that have shaped Chinese attitudes and daily life for millennia.

Werner explored Chinese astrological beliefs, the Eight Immortals who are the central figures of Taoism, the Pangu creation stories, the Dragon myths, and the Fox legends. And the ancient gods, heroes, magical creatures, and scenes were beautifully portrayed in 32 full-color illustrations by traditional Chinese artists.

The Easton Press Collector Edition Myths and Legends of China recreates the 1922 classic complete with all of its original text, illustrations, layout and graphic design.

The beloved illustrated mythology recreated as a leather-bound Collector Edition.

This vintage recreation of the 1922 Myths And Legends Of China is an Easton Press Collector Edition – a volume of classic design and meticulous craftsmanship that represents the state-of-the-art in fine bookmaking.

This grand volume is bound in supple premium leather decorated with 22 kt gold accents, title inlays and features raised "hubs" to strengthen the book's spine. Faux marbled end-sheets, gilded page-ends, and heavy duty binding boards further enhance the volume's beauty and strength. 

The original 1922 text and color illustrations are reproduced on beautiful acid-neutral paper that will not turn brittle and crumble with age.  And the pages are not merely glued into the binding (as is common with today’s ordinary books) but Smyth-sewn with sturdy, pliable thread.

Each of these Collector Edition volumes comes with a custom-crafted slipcase in which to store and display this beautiful vintage book recreation.

The Collector Edition Myths And Legends Of China is a fascinating historic reference and will make an unforgettable one-of-a-kind gift for anyone captivated by the culture, history, religion, or art of China.

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