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Victor Hugo's immortal story of men against the sea...

The historic 1888 illustrated English language edition.

Toilers of the Sea ranks among Hugo's greatest masterpieces. Set on a small island reminiscent of Guernsey, where Hugo spent 19 years in exile, this riveting adventure brings the small island community vividly to life. This exclusive, 2-volume, hand-numbered, Commemorative Edition recreates all the illustrations from the magnificent, oversized edition of 1888.

This special book is bound in a beautiful dark green genuine leather and stamped with an intricate design made of 22kt gold.

The pages are gilded with a gleaming gold finish. Victor Hugo's powerful words are printed on acid-neutral paper for long life and Smyth-sewn in the binding to make your special collector edition last a life time. Features rare hubs on the spine, resembling the traditional style of book binding. A satin ribbon page marker adds elegance to your books. Printed and bound in the USA.

Limited to just 1,000 slipcased sets!

2-volume set in one shipment.

Oversized Edition (7 1/2" x 10 1/2")                                                                           

4 Monthly Installments of $79
Currently in stock and ready to order!

An exclusive leather-bound Deluxe Edition recreation of the Hugo’s historic ‘Toilers of the Sea’.

Features include:

  • Bound in genuine leather.
  • Accented in 22 kt gold.
  • Gilded page ends.
  • Satin ribbon page marker.
  • Pages that are Smyth-sewn into the binding.
  • Printed and bound in the USA.
  • Heavy duty binding boards enhance the book’s durability.
  • Superbly printed on acid-neutral paper that lasts for generations.
  • Superb craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

About the Author

Victor Hugo (1802-1885), one of the most celebrated French writers of the Romantic era, most notably used his literary and artistic work to represent his passion for political and social issues of the time. Some of his other globally recognized works include The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Miserables.

Quotes from Toilers of the Sea

"In joined hands there is still some token of hope, in the clinched fist none."

"Reality in strong doses frightens." 

"To have lied is to have suffered." 

"Man is at the mercy of events. Life is a perpetual succession of events, and we must submit to it. We never know from what quarter the sudden blow of chance will come. Catastrophe and good fortune come upon us and then depart, like unexpected visitors. They have their own laws, their own orbits, their own gravitational force, all independent of man."

This Easton Press Deluxe Edition is printed on archival quality, acid-neutral paper specially milled for this edition that conforms to all guidelines established for permanence and durability by the Council of Library Resources and the American National Standards Institute.

About the Book

Victor Hugo's immortal story of men against the sea…

Victor Hugo is one of the true 'universal' authors, a poet, novelist, dramatist, and thinker of superhuman energy and incalculable influence. And nowhere is Hugo's genius more evident than in his last major novel, Toilers of the Sea, which is both an epic adventure saga and a profound exploration of man's eternal struggle with both nature and society.

Among the early English language editions of Hugo's masterpiece, none are as impressive as the 1888 edition, a two-volume set that included 150 black&white illustrations, among which were many by Victor Hugo himself!

Now, Easton Press is proud to present: TOILERS OF THE SEA, a gorgeous vintage recreation of the 1888 edition in a magnificent Commemorative Edition strictly limited to exactly 1,000 leather-bound sets.
An exclusive deluxe illustrated Toilers of the Sea.

In 1851 Victor Hugo left France, going into self-imposed exile to protest Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte's seizure of power. The already world-renowned author spent most of the next two decades on the small island of Guernsey in the English Channel, where he wrote Les Misérables and then a novel both set in and dedicated to his home-in-exile, The Toilers of the Sea.

The manuscript of Toilers of the Sea is almost unique among Hugo's works in including his own meticulously prepared illustrations. A gifted artist, Hugo normally hid his haunting and innovative drawings from the public, but for the definitive illustrated French edition, Hugo selected some his own artwork along with work by two great 19th century illustrators he admired, Daniel Vierge, known as “The Father of Modern Illustration,” and François-Nicolas Chifflart.

All of Hugo's selections were included in the grand 1888 English deluxe book set – and all are brilliantly reproduced in the Easton Press Commemorative Edition TOILERS OF THE SEA, which also features the large format, elegant typography, and generous layout of the 1888 original.

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