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From the Big Bang to Quantum Resurrection…

A richly illustrated chronology of 250 milestone moments in physics history. Features such topics as dark energy, parallel universes, the Doppler effect, the God particle, and much more.

7 3/8” x 8 3/8”, 528pp

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250 milestones in physics history.  Illustrated throughout.

No discipline more fully epitomizes the power of the mind to unravel the mysteries of the natural world than physics.

The study and search for the laws of the universe, physics is the king of all sciences. Century after century the discoveries of physics have produced technology that changes how we live and ideas that challenge how we understand reality.

Now Dr. Clifford Pickover, the bestselling contemporary master of popular science writing renowned for combining art and ideas, has created a beautifully illustrated and enthralling tour through the most fascinating and important concepts, people, events, and inventions of the “fundamental science.”

Now, Easton Press is excited to present Clifford Pickover's acclaimed compendium: THE PHYSICS BOOK in an exclusive leather-bound Collector Edition.

Celebrating the wisdom and Beauty of physics.

From the 'Big Bang' that began the cosmos to the 2009 completion of the Large Hadron Collider and beyond, the 250 chronologically ordered entries in THE PHYSICS BOOK capture the history, wonder, and achievement of mankind discovering the mysteries of the universe.
The Sundial … Newton's Laws of Motion … Ben Franklin's Kite … Schrödinger's Cat … String Theory … Antimatter … The Atomic Bomb ... Parallel Universes … The Super Ball ... Greenhouse Effect ... Quantum Teleportation ...

Clifford Pickover's entertaining and thought-provoking explanations illuminate inventions, experiments, and discoveries as well as the great thinkers, theories, paradoxes, and mind-boggling concepts that have transformed how we understand the cosmos – and ourselves.

Featuring a stunning full-page illustration for each entry, a guide to further reading, and full index, THE PHYSICS BOOK is a science history that will delight readers of all interests and backgrounds.

“Pickover inspires a new generation of da Vincis to build unknown flying machines and create new Mona Lisas.” declares the Christian Science Monitor. “[The Physics Book] is a terrific book for anyone interested in physics, from casual readers to Nobel Laureates,” writes Forbes.

A dazzling science history in the finest leather-bound Collector Edition.

Easton Press has created for THE PHYSICS BOOK a Collector Edition of unsurpassed beauty, the work of experienced American craftsmen with an uncompromising commitment to excellence in bookmaking.

The binding is of premium leather, specially selected for this edition. The spine features traditional raised “hubs” and is embossed with 22kt gold. The acid-neutral paper is designed to reveal every detail of the stunning illustrations and preserve these images for generations.

The pages are not merely glued but Smyth-sewn into the binding for superior strength. Moiré fabric end sheets and glowing gilded page ends add beauty and durability. No detail has been overlooked – there’s even a convenient satin-ribbon page-marker.

The leather-bound Collector Edition of THE PHYSICS BOOK is an indispensable volume for every home library and a wonderful gift for anyone interested in the wonders of nature, the advance of technology, and mankind's quest to understand the world.

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