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America’s greatest humorist and a true national treasure.

Surging with inventive satire, unforgettable characters and language that masterfully captures the rhythm of American speech, this spectacular anthology features 60 short stories, including Twain’s beloved “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”

A truly outstanding edition of an American master. The book is bound in genuine leather and accented with 22kt gold. The spines are 'hubbed," a traditional mark of fine book binding. The beautiful volume features gleaming gilded page ends, moiré fabric endsheets and a convenient satin ribbon page-marker. The paper is acid-neutral to last as long as Mark Twain's timeless tales, and the pages are Smyth-sewn into the binding, not just glued as in ordinary books, so that pages lay flat and the book endures for generations. Printed and bound in the USA.

5 1/2" X 9", 744pp
4 Monthly Installments of $39
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The timeless tales by the "father of our national literature…"

It's impossible to overestimate the influence – and ongoing influence – of Mark Twain. As the African-American comic Dick Gregory put it, “[Twain] was so far ahead of his time that he shouldn't even be talked about on the same day as other people.”
Twain's uniquely American language and style, profound insights into the character of the new nation, and rebellious irreverence and opposition to injustice made him, as Eugene O’Neill wrote, “the true father of all American literature,” and an author cherished around the world, especially by other writers.

And while the author of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is justifiably famous for his novels, Twain was first and foremost a master of the short story.

Now, Easton Press presents: The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain, an exclusive leather-bound Heirloom Edition.

“Mark Twain was the first truly American writer, and all of us since are his heirs.” - William Faulkner

This grand volume presents sixty stories that span Twain's career, from the piece that won him his first fame, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” the tall tale of an inveterate gambler outwitted by his own greed, to Twain's final work, “The Mysterious Stranger,” a philosophical fable in which Satan visits a superstitious and ignorant village.
These stories reveal Twain in all his astonishing variety -- the pure entertainer and comic genius, the ferocious satirist, the provocative skeptic and iconoclast, the sentimental husband and father – but always the master storyteller experimenting with new forms and exploring the still familiar voices, realities, and contradictions of American life.

And all show Twain practicing what he called “a worthy trade” devoted to “the deriding of shams, the exposure of pretentious falsities, the laughing of stupid superstitions out of existence,” and being “the natural friend of human rights and human liberties.”

An American master preserved in a magnificent Heirloom Edition.

Easton Press has created for this collection of classic stories by the most essential and American of American writers a magnificent Heirloom Edition.

The binding is of supple premium leather, hand-selected for this volume. The raised “hubbed” spine -- traditional hallmark of the finely crafted book -- is accented with true 22k gold. Moiré fabric end sheets, gilded pages, and heavy duty binding boards further enhance the book’s beauty and durability.

Mark Twain's exuberant wit and penetrating insights are preserved on archival-quality paper that will not yellow or fade with age – and the pages are Smyth-sewn (not merely glued as in ordinary books) into the bindings, allowing for both easier reading and greater longevity.

The Heirloom Edition The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain is a volume that will enrich any library, and make a delightful one-of-a-kind gift for anyone with an interest in great American literature and humor.

Printed on archival quality, acid-neutral paper specially milled for this edition that conforms to all guidelines established for permanence and durability by the Council of Library Resources and the American National Standards Institute.

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