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Item #3113


The world's first great work of literature in a signed and numbered Deluxe Illustrated Edition of just 1,200 copies.

Personally signed by artist Rebecca Yanovskaya and translator Stephen Mitchell.

Inscribed on stone tablets a thousand years before The Iliad, the ancient epic of Gilgamesh is the story of a great but cruel King who comes to learn the limits of his own power, This leather-bound Deluxe Limited Edition features eight illustrations by acclaimed artist Rebecca Yanovskaya. Commissioned especially for this volume, the illustrations were created using the artist's unique and distinctive ballpoint pen and gold leaf technique.

Eight plates, including a frontispiece portrait of Gilgamesh are hand-tipped in and protected by translucent overlays. Also featured are two-color illustrations that evoke Ancient Mesopotamia on the chapter heads and tails, as well as dramatic full-color illustrations on the endpapers and colophon page. The clothbound slipcase features a matching plate and is lined with crushed velvet to protect the leather cover that is stamped in two colors. A strictly limited, hand-numbered edition of just 1200. 

Printed and bound in the USA

Oversized volume, 9” x 11”, 288pp
4 Monthly Installments of $74
Currently in stock and ready to order!
An exclusive signed, leather-bound Limited Edition.

Features include:

- Fully bound in genuine leather.
- 22kt gold accents deeply inlaid on the "hubbed" spine.
- Specially commissioned art exclusive to this volume, hand-tipped into the book and protected by translucent overlays.
- Illustrated and signed colophon page.
- Headpiece illustrations for each chapter.
- Heavy duty binding boards enhance the book’s durability.
- Superbly printed on acid-neutral paper that lasts for generations.
- Sewn pages – not just glued like ordinary books.
- Handsome illustrated endpages and a satin-ribbon page marker.
- Gilded page ends.
- Printed and bound in the USA.
- Rigorous inspection at every stage ensures adherence to our exacting standards.
- Superb craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

Limited edition of just 1200.

Quotes from Gilgamesh

"Who is like Gilgamesh? What other king
has inspired such awe? Who else can say
"I alone rule supreme among mankind"?

"Is this how you want your king to rule?
Should a shepherd savage his own flock? Father,
do something, quickly, before the people
overwhelm heaven with their heartrending cries."

About the Artist

Rebecca Yanovskaya is a freelance illustrator working in the fantasy, sci-fi and horror genres. She frequently illustrates mythological stories, natural forces, and aesthetically strong characters. Rebecca's influences include decorative arts, neoclassical and Pre-Raphaelite arts, and theatrical costuming. Despite most artists in her genre using digital and traditional painting tools, she has made the choice to construct her pieces with ballpoint pen and gold leaf. As one of the only primarily ballpoint pen artists working in fantastic realism, her work is easy to identify. A combination of epic scope and moody atmosphere define her signature style, in what can be described as the "Art of the Sublime".  Rebecca is a graduate of the Illustration program at Sheridan College. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

About the Translator

Stephen Mitchell ranks among the greatest translators of ancient works of our time. Among his acclaimed works are compelling editions of the Tao Te Ching, The Book of Job, and the Bhagavad Gita.

This Easton Press Deluxe Edition is printed on archival quality, acid-neutral paper specially milled for this edition that conforms to all guidelines established for permanence and durability by the Council of Library Resources and the American National Standards Institute.

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