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Item #3139


The Secret Language that Colors Our Universe…     

The fully illustrated guide to the science behind the powerful realm of color. Featuring hundreds of stunning photographs and dozens of informative graphics, this beautiful volume is a breathtaking demonstration of color and its role in the world around us.

10" x 10", 204pp

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The fully illustrated guide to the science behind red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and much, much more.

“Why is the sky blue?”

It is the classic child's question, simple and obvious, but, as countless parents can attest, almost impossible to answer. The question of color, what it is and how it works, has beguiled the greatest minds of every culture and age, and yet even today remains in many ways a mystery.

Color is a crucial element of most every part of nature and human culture, and integral to every field and discipline from astrophysics to fashion to psychology to zoology, but in a fundamental way it exists only in our minds and perception,

Now, Easton Press presents the acclaimed and visually stunning new survey of the science, history, and meaning of this most ubiquitous and enigmatic phenomenon: COLOR, an exclusive leather-bound Collector Edition.

Accessible, authoritative, comprehensive – and a visual wonder.

Never before has a popular reference illuminated the subject as thoroughly, accessibly, or beautifully as COLOR. Beginning with an explanation of the physics and chemistry of color, the book explores the role color plays throughout cosmos, from the farthest reaches of space to the earth, plants, animals, human life and society, and the mind of each person.
Through 'biographies' of the primary hues of the visible spectrum -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet – COLOR presents fascinating examples of the history, influence, and meaning of color not only in the obvious areas of art and fashion but in language, love, business, politics, and science.

And COLOR makes extensive and imaginative use of color to illuminate the subject. Brilliantly designed and packed with hundreds of vibrant photographs and informative, witty, and dazzling graphics, COLOR will delight and surprise readers of all ages and interests.

“Color fascinates with its breadth, entrances with its vividness, and beguiles with its exuberance,” declares American Scientist. “This is one book that keeps the intellect and the optical rods and cones well entertained.” “Those intending just a casual perusal will find themselves engrossed by this terrifically entertaining and informative volume,” writes Publishers Weekly.

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