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Item #3112


The Cold War masterpiece...

With Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy personally signed by John le Carré.

John le Carré stands among the greatest spy novelists of all time, and The Karla Trilogy is his masterpiece. In this compelling and powerful work, British intelligence agent George Smiley comes out of retirement to uncover a mole and then take down his opposite number in Soviet intelligence, the mysterious Karla. 

  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • The Honourable Schoolboy
  • Smiley's People

3-volume set in one shipment.     5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

(sold only as a complete set)

Sorry, this product cannot ship to California.

3 Monthly Installments of $125
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The award-winning masterpiece…

In the history of spy fiction, one author stands above all others: John le Carré.

Le Carre's insider's knowledge, astonishing literary skills, and penetrating vision of espionage as an enterprise that transforms individuals and nations have won him acclaim as the peerless master of the genre and, indeed, one of Britain's greatest living novelists.

And John le Carré's most revered achievement is his monumental chronicle of the Cold War-era struggle between the solitary, brilliant, and seemingly bland British intelligence officer George Smiley and his Soviet adversary, Karla.

Now, Easton Press is proud to present a very special edition of this landmark masterpiece: John le Carré's THE KARLA TRILOGY, an exclusive three-volume leather-bound Collector Edition set featuring the first title, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, personally signed by John le Carré.

“The premier spy novelist of his time. Perhaps of all time.”—TIME Magazine.

Over the course of three acclaimed novels – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Honorary Schoolboy, and Smiley's People -- John le Carre takes readers into the life of his greatest creation, British intelligence operative George Smiley, an inconspicuous, guarded man of unfailing integrity seeking the truth in a dangerous world of secrets, lies, and shifting identities.

Institutional politics have forced Smiley into retirement, but when a would-be Soviet defector claims that the Russians have planted a 'mole' – a double-agent – at the highest level of Britain's intelligence service, Smiley is called upon to find the traitor.

But that is only the beginning. Smiley must then rebuild the crippled organization and, when the opportunity arises, destroy the mastermind responsible for the damage: his longtime nemesis, Karla, the head of Soviet foreign intelligence.

“A stunning story of espionage,” declares The Wall Street Journal. “John le Carré is the great master of the spy story,” writes the Financial Times. “The constant flow of emotion lifts him not only above all modern suspense novelists, but above most novelists now practicing.”

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