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A magnificent edition of perhaps the most important book ever printed - the complete original text and illuminations.
Johannes Gutenberg’s innovation of the printing press and movable type stands as one of the greatest technological breakthroughs of all time. His printed Bible is a legend in publishing history with original copies considered priceless. Now, this landmark work is available in a breathtaking leather-bound facsimile edition. The book features the complete text and all the interior illuminations from a unique original. Limited to just 2,500 hand-numbered volumes.
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  • An oversized Edition (12” x 16”, 1,288pp)

A magnificent new facsimile limited edition of the most important book ever printed…

Published in the mid-1450s, inventor Johannes Gutenberg's edition of the Latin Vulgate Bible marked the birth of the mechanical reproduction of books. It was a crucial turning point in world history, a 'Revolution' in mass communication that would create the modern world. Today, surviving copies of Gutenberg's Bible are regarded as the most significant and valuable of all books.

Now, Easton Press is proud to present, THE GUTENBERG BIBLE, a stunning facsimile reproduction of an extremely rare complete 1450's Gutenberg original in Deluxe Limited Edition restricted to precisely 2,500 hand-numbered folio volumes.


Having developed what would prove the invention of the millennium – the mechanical movable type printing press – Johannes Gutenberg published a glorious edition of the Catholic Vulgate Bible to showcase his revolutionary technology. Fewer than 180 copies were printed, most in a format which allowed wealthy purchasers to commission hand-scripted headings and hand-painted color 'illuminations', and all were purchased even before printing was complete.

Considered a wonder in its own day and revered for its design and artistry, the Gutenberg Bible is now regarded one of the world's most iconic artifacts. Only 21 complete copies survive and none have been offered for sale since 1978. Recently, an eight page fragment sold for $970,000, and experts estimate a complete volume would today be worth $25-35 million.


What makes the breathtaking Easton Press Deluxe Limited Edition THE GUTENBERG BIBLE stand out from other books?

A grand 12” x 16”, page volume bound in premium leather with a traditional 'hubbed' spine and 22kt gold cover design and title inlays.
All 1,286 of the original Gutenberg Bible pages reproduced in full size just as they were printed in the 1450's.
All of the unique red ink hand-scripted interior headings and beautiful hand-painted full-color 'illuminated' decorations from the original 15th century volume.
Pages Smyth-sewn into the bindings, traditional marbled endsheets, gilded page-ends…and much, much more!


Gutenberg's Bible was a marvel in its own time, and today hundreds of thousands visit museums and rare-book libraries every year to see surviving copies of this monumental book. The Deluxe Limited Edition THE GUTENBERG BIBLE will dazzle all who see this brilliant facsimile in your home or office -- and only 2,500 of these extraordinary volumes will be published!


Proud heirs of Gutenberg's “Revolution” with long experience practicing the traditional bookmaking techniques that produced the priceless volumes found in museums, the book-makers of Easton Press are uniquely qualified to create this stunning facsimile of Gutenberg's landmark Bible.

This Deluxe Limited Edition re-creation is itself a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship, with such superior features as hand-rubbed leather bindings, luxurious acid-neutral archival-quality paper that will not yellow or fade with age, and Smyth-sewn pages.

Each of the 2,500 THE GUTENBERG BIBLE Deluxe Limited Edition volumes are numbered.

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