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A compelling look at Native American warfare…
The weapons, uniforms, and strategies that defined Native America’s legendary warriors. Here are the indigenous fighting techniques of the American tribes and how they were affected by contact with Europeans. Lavishly illustrated throughout.

8 3/8” x 10 5/8”, 224pp
4 Monthly Installments of $35
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The history of the United States, and indeed the 'New' World, is to a great extent a story of war, a centuries long struggle between the European invaders and the indigenous peoples they displaced.

Despite the great superiority of European military technology, the conquest of America was not easy, for many Native American tribes were commanding warrior cultures, societies in which warfare and military prowess were central.

While the Native American concept of war and traditional strategy and weapons were very different from that of the European intruders, their military prowess, courage, and fortitude were imposing – and have become legend.

Now, Easton Press is proud to present the lavishly illustrated account of the military tactics, practices, customs, and techniques of America's indigenous peoples: NATIVE AMERICAN WARRIORS, a leather-bound Collector Edition.

Four centuries of Native American warrior culture.

Proceeding geographically from New England to the West Coast and chronologically from the first conflicts with European settlers to the end of the 'Indian' Wars at the close of the 19th century, NATIVE AMERICAN WARRIORS examines the war-making ethos, practices, and history of North America's major Native American tribes.

These pages present a fascinating overview of how the major tribal groups approached warfare and each group's traditional combat strategy, tactics, weapons, and equipment – and how on occasion Native Americans adapted European traditions, most famously with the Plains Indians appropriation and transformation of Spanish horse culture.

Examining four centuries of wars and battles, NATIVE AMERICAN WARRIORS demonstrates how these warriors actually fought and considers the consequences of the vastly different military attitudes and assumptions the Native Americans and their settler opponents brought to the battlefield.

The intriguing history and lost warrior culture are brought to life through a wealth of superbly reproduced new and vintage photographs, paintings, and drawings of Native American weapons, body armor, fortifications, and battle scenes.

A fascinating portrait of Native American warfare in a magnificent Collector Edition.

Easton Press has created the finest edition available of this remarkable illustrated survey of the legendary fighting customs of America's indigenous tribes -- an Easton Press Collector Edition, the “model of excellence” in hand-crafted luxury bookmaking.

The binding is premium leather, selected for beauty and permanence. The spine is braced by the traditional raised “hubs” and is embossed with pure 22kt gold.

The stirring full-color and vintage black & white illustrations and photographs are preserved on specially milled acid-neutral paper that will not turn brittle with age.

The pages are not merely glued but Smyth-sewn into the binding – a technique of traditional fine bookmaking which allows the pages of this large volume to open flat.

Featuring moiré end sheets, glowing gilded page-ends, and heavy-duty binding boards, this deluxe volume is the work of uniquely skilled American master craftsman with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

The leather-bound Collector's Edition NATIVE AMERICAN WARRIORS will be a dazzling and compelling resource – and wonderful one-of-a-kind gift – for anyone interested in Native American culture or military history.

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