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The ultimate reference to 100 years of tank warfare….       

Explore 50 key tanks from 1918 to the present day in a fascinating volume on the armored vehicles that changed the face of modern warfare.  Features cross-sections and close-up photographs that reveal the innermost workings of each tank.  Text and helpful fact boxes offer historical context and design specifications,

8 3/4" x 11 7/8", 320pp

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50 key tanks from 1918 to the present day. Detailed specs and development history. Hundreds of photos and illustrations.

Writing of his vision for a mobile gun platform, the great 15th century genius Leonardo Da Vinci wrote, “I can make armored cars, safe and unassailable, which will enter the closed ranks of the enemy with their artillery ….”

Armies had been building machines to provide both protection and increased power on the battlefield since the dawn of civilization but it was not until the crisis of World War I, when massive armies found themselves stalemated by trenches and machine guns on the Western Front, that Leonardo's vision finally became reality and forever changed war.
Now, Easton Press presents the exciting illustrated reference to the most important armored fighting vehicles of the last century: TANKS Inside Out, a magnificent Collector Edition bound in leather and accented with 22kt gold.
The 100-year evolution of the armored combat vehicle.

From Britain's Mark V, the definitive version of the first tank ever to enter combat, to the U.S. Army's current M1A2 Abrams, TANKS - Inside Out showcases fifty fascinating combat vehicles that defined how a century of weapons engineers and designers balanced the competing demands of mobility, protection, and firepower.

Here are the classic weapons of World War I, World War II, and the Cold War, including Imperial Germany's Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, the United States' ubiquitous M4A4 Sherman , Nazi Germany's primary tank, the Panzer VI, and the most influential tank design of World War II, the Soviet Union's sloped-armor T34.

And, of course, the volume covers the iconic innovations of the last seven decades, such as the Soviet Union's BMP 1 personnel carrier designed for nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare, France's autoloading Char Leclerc, Britain's popular Centurian, America's amphibious AAV7, and Israel's Merkava battle tank.

With detailed front, top, side, oblique and cut-away views, along with specification charts and performance data for each tank, as well as over 300 archival photographs, TANKS - Inside Out is a marvelous guide to one hundred years of landmark weapons.

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