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Item #3309

JAMES O'BARR: The Crow, A Signed Edition

Personally signed by James O'Barr

Assaulted by thugs after their car breaks down, a young couple is brutalized and eventually killed – only to have the man resurrected by a crow and set on revenge.

The Crow is a masterpiece of graphic storytelling. This Collector’s Edition features an original frontispiece and signing sheet illustration created by the author/illustrator James O'Barr.

7" x 10 1/2", 256pp
4 Monthly Installments of $49
Currently in stock and ready to order!
- Personally signed by James O'Barr.
- Bound in genuine leather.
- Gilded page ends.
- Satin ribbon page marker.
- Pages that are Smyth-sewn into the binding.
- Printed and bound in the USA.

Printed on archival quality, acid-neutral paper specially milled for this edition that conforms to all guidelines established for permanence and durability by the Council of Library Resources and the American National Standards Institute.

The powerful graphic novel of an avenging angel…

"... sometimes something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the Crow can bring the soul back and put the wrong things right."

At the end of the 1980's, a work appeared which proved a watershed in the development of the graphic novel: The Crow. An intense and deeply personal saga entirely written, drawn, and inked by James O'Barr, The Crow is today among the best-selling and most influential graphic novels ever and a true cultural landmark.

Now, Easton Press is proud to present a very special edition of this graphic novel masterpiece: The Crow, a leather-bound Collector's Edition personally autographed by the award-winning artist and author, James O'Barr.

The groundbreaking tale of rage, revenge, and redemption.

Haunted by the death of his fiancée in a car accident, James O'Barr began The Crow in 1981. “I was still filled with such rage and frustration that I had to get it out before it destroyed me,” O'Barr later recalled. “One day I just began drawing.”

The story was simple, the tale of a young man murdered along with his true love and then resurrected by a magic crow to embark on a ferocious but guilt-ridden and grief-stricken quest for vengeance. From this premise O'Barr crafted a poetic and tragic epic that explored adult themes that had rarely been seen in mainstream comics.

A self-taught artist, O'Barr made every image and panel a labor of love, employing a variety of ever-shifting styles to capture his hero's changing emotional state. A work of startling visual beauty and power, The Crow continues to awe and inspire readers and artists alike.

Featuring all of the saga's original five segments, the signed Collector's Edition The Crow presents this classic of modern comics storytelling in all of its uncompromising glory.

The revered graphic novel in an autographed Collector's Edition.

The work of uniquely skilled American master craftsmen dedicated to excellence, the Easton Press Collector's Edition represents the state-of-the-art in hand-crafted leather-bound bookmaking. Every element of this exquisite volume’s design, material, and workmanship is the very finest.

The binding is of sumptuous premium leather and features a raised “hubbed” spine (ancient hallmark of the finely crafted book).

James O'Barr's virtuoso artwork is brilliantly reproduced on specially milled, acid-neutral paper that will not turn brittle and crumble with age – and the pages are not merely glued but Smyth-sewn into the binding. Moiré end sheets, heavy duty binding boards, and glowing gilded page-ends add beauty and durability.

In addition, each of these magnificent volumes features frontispiece artwork and an illustrated signature page created by author and artist James O'Barr exclusively for this signed Collector's Edition.

The signed leather-bound Collector's Edition The Crow is an indispensable volume – and will be an unforgettable gift – for any fan of illustration, graphic novels, or the enduring power of James O'Barr's story.

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