The great Celtic legend in the 1903 edition with illustrations by Robert Engels…
The immortal story of the Cornish knight who is bewitched into falling in love with his King’s betrothed was beautifully captured in the great 1903 edition with haunting art by Robert Engels. This leather-bound Deluxe Limited Edition reproduces that historic volume.

A hand-numbered Limited Edition of just 500.

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A stunning illustrated edition of the immortal Arthurian legend…
Perhaps no European legend has as profound a hold or deep an influence on the Western world's imagination as the love story of Tristan and Iseult. And no English language edition of the great medieval tale is as beautiful or authoritative as the 1903 limited edition, The Romance of Tristan and Iseult.

Now Easton Press is pleased to announce, a gorgeous vintage recreation of that renowned Edwardian book: The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, a Deluxe Limited Edition meticulously reproduced from a rare pristine 1903 volume and strictly limited to exactly 500 hand-numbered copies.

Because so few of these books are available, only our most valued customers are receiving this exclusive invitation to own one of these stunning facsimile volumes.


Originally a Celtic legend of doomed love, noble knights, magic, and supernatural creatures, the story Tristan and Iseult was adapted by French poets in the 12th century and would go on to become a central element of the Arthurian legends and the foundation of a still vital tradition that includes Wagner's famous opera and, of course, Tolkien's legends of Middle Earth.

The 1903 limited edition The Romance of Tristan and Iseult featured master Tristan scholar Joseph Bédier's still definitive version of the legend in an eloquent and powerful translation by Hilaire Belloc, one of the towering literary figures of the Edwardian era. Illustrated throughout with the evocative watercolor paintings of German artist Robert Engels, the gorgeous edition was hailed in 1903 as a book of “rare artistic finish, beauty of illustration, and loftiness of purpose” and recently described by the Chicago Sun-Times as “a book to preserve and cherish.”


With our long experience practicing the traditional bookmaking techniques that produced the priceless volumes found in museums and rare-book libraries, Easton Press is uniquely qualified to re-create the 1903 limited edition The Romance of Tristan and Iseult.

This Deluxe Limited Edition re-creation is itself a masterpiece of fine craftsmanship, with such superior features as hand-rubbed leather bindings, Smyth-sewn pages, and luxurious acid-neutral archival-quality paper that will not yellow or fade with age.

Each of the 500 copies of this Deluxe Limited Edition is hand-numbered.

  • An exquisite 8½” x 12”, 160 page folio volume bound in premium leather with a traditional 'hubbed' spine accented with beautiful 22kt gold.
  • The full 1903 text, complete and unabridged, as well as the original decorative embellishments, layout, and typography.
  • All of Robert Engels original watercolors, dozens of full-color images imaginatively integrated into the text just as they were in the 1903 edition.
  • Pages Smyth-sewn into the bindings, printed marbled endpapers, gilded page-ends, and luxurious acid-neutral matte paper
  • All in a very special limited edition of only 500 hand-numbered copies.

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